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About Mirai instruments

I have created musical instruments with new value from scrap products.

Of course, particular about the tone, design, and function, but the point is that it can be easily fixed (= can be used for a long time) because it is made with simple technology.


I have set up a number of “constraints”.

1) Use of materials and technologies with low environmental impact.

2) A portion of profits is donated to environmental groups.

3) I will share my discoveries.

Air Coke

A musical instrument that uses air pressure to tune a Coca-Cola plastic bottle.

It has a flower-like design and a clear tone that is different from both xylophone and xylophone.

Materials: plastic bottles, valves, bicycle wheel


A musical instrument cut out of the bottom of a plastic bottle.

It has a lovely popping sound, colorful appearance, and a wide range of sound for its amazing lightness.

Materials: plastic bottles, bicycle wheel


The organ is made of empty cans, so it is ”orcan”.

The unique connection system allows for the addition of a variety of flutes.

Materials: empty cans, straws, PVC pipes, balloons


A percussion instrument made from empty cans.

The length of the tube is changed by cutting off the mouthpiece and connecting it to a plastic bottle of the same thickness as the can.

The bottom part is covered with felt to soften the sound.

By holding an empty can with a scale in the hand as well and playing it, a sound with mysterious chords (overtones) is produced.

Materials: empty cans, plastic bottles


A flute made of umbrella plastic as a reed.

In fact, it is not suitable for ensembles at all because the pitch oscillates violently.

Materials: umbrella, PVC pipe, hose


If you cut the bottom of a cylindrical plastic bottle, you can make a musical scale.

This is a parading instrument that can produce both rhythm and melody at the same time and is very light, so it is not too hard on the body.

Materials: buckets, blue sheets, plastic bottles

Profile Sou

Japanese percussionist/Instruments builder.

I am a self-taught artist who has created more than 100 different instruments from plastic bottles, empty cans, and all kinds of things around us.

And as a member of the daily-use musical instrument kajii, I have appeared on over 40 TV programs.

Based in Nagoya, Japan, I have been giving concerts and workshops all over Japan.


Online interviews are welcome.
My English is not good, so I have to use automatic translation.

Please use videos and photos as well.
If you do, please clearly state the source.(You can also link to this page.)

Please contact me for stage shows as well.
I am looking forward to meeting you.


    Please use videos and photos as well.
    If you do, please clearly state the source. (You can also link to this page.)