About “Clear!”

We’ve released an original instrument named PETphone!

The song is called “Clear!“, kajii’s original. It was a challenge to play a whole song using only PET bottle instruments!

I want as many people as possible to enjoy this song (video) and instrument, so We’ve made it as copyright free as possible!

Please try to play it many ways.


Video 1: Original video (58MB)

Video 2: This is a horizontal format video with the right half left open for easy collaboration. (58MB)

Video 3: 9:16 vertical format video for Tiktok, etc.

Sound source(wav)

Para Date(zip)

Music score(jpg)


Feel free to change the tempo and key, and edit the video as you wish.

The following is a list of prohibited practices.
Self-made remarks.
Usage in the political field, adult field, or against public order and morals.
Questions such as “Can I use it? (I will not reply to them)

<Terms and Conditions>

  • Personal use: OK      Corporate use: OK
  • Secondary distribution: OK (However, the copyright is not waived, so please do not make your own remarks, etc.)
  • Commercial use: OK (If you use the above materials or modify them yourself, you can use them. However, commercial use of materials created by others is not allowed. )
  • Credit: Not necessary. ( It would be nice if you could.)
  • Modification/processing: OK (Feel free to do so.)
  • Report of use: Not necessary. (If you tell me that you made something like this, I may go take a look. but there is a possibility that I would not reply to it.)
★”Clear!” is being distributed through Tunecore this time.
When you upload a collaboration video to YouTube, you may be contacted with a “copyright infringement complaint,” but please don’t worry about it and use it.

kajii will not take any action to remove the video. If you want to monetize your videos, please check out the procedure on your own.
You can interpret it as “I have a license from kajii to use Clear!”


Use it as background music too!

You can use it as background music for your own videos and voice messages, or at events!

It can be used as a loop. The terms and conditions are the same as those for “Collaborative Video Use” above.

Click here to download the sound source.



NFT works are available for sale.

If you’d like to know more about the process behind the work, or if you think the value of kajii might increase in the future, please feel free to check it out.
(The commentary is in Japanese.)

NFT works are available here.